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About Us

About Us



The story behind the store

As Susan, her brand, and her collection grow together, it is time for her to settle into a space of her own. Organically growing out of MAKEbhm has allowed her the time and space to see where her story is going and that is now to her own storefront and studio space in Homewood, AL.


What will you find here?

This new space will be home to all the pieces of the Susan Gordon brand, combining a storefront and studio to connect clients with the process of turning raw clay into a beautiful, useful, and timeless creation.

Her collection is a curated experience combining Susan Gordon Pottery and collaborations with other creators. Through her storefront, you will be able to experience Susan Gordon first hand, where she and her team will be creating in the new studio, hosting workshops, and building community around her brand: classic at its core, but purposefully ever-evolving.