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Our Process

Our Process

Our Process



A handcrafted collection curated by a creator who is dedicated to bringing beauty into everyday life.

Each step of our five-step production process is managed by a team-lead who guides the flow of work. More than five pairs of eyes and hands thoroughly examine the craftsmanship of each piece as it goes through the process of making, smoothing, glazing, golding, sanding and then finally, packing.



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Each piece starts from a squishy wad of clay that is molded and cut to form. It’s then dried, smoothed, and then bisque fired to almost 2000 degrees.


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Once it’s fired to bisque, it’s strong and able to accept a colorant and glass chemical we call glaze. This glaze is hand-painted, sprayed, or dipped onto each piece.


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After glazing, we fire it again, this time to over 2200 degrees. This is the place where most ceramic companies or potters call their work “finished” but not at Susan Gordon Pottery. We take real 22k gold luster and hand paint it onto the dainty edges of products with precision and meticulous care and fire it a third time.


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This third and final firing is our gold firing. It seals the gold to the glazed surface and turns the gold a beautiful, lustrous metallic color.


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The final step in our process is a light sanding and quality control check before packing. Our full-time fulfillment team member helps lead the process of shipping out all orders, bringing in help from other teams on rotating schedule.


 Our Brand & Founder

Susan Gordon is a collection of timeless creations brought to life by handcrafted modern, feminine, and refined details. This collection is curated by a creator who is dedicated to bringing beauty into everyday life.