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About Us

About Us

About Us



Get to know Susan

the creator’s story

Susan Gordon is truly a creator at heart.  She is dedicated to bringing timeless beauty into everyday life, and her love of clay and commitment to lifelong pieces set the tone for her journey with ceramics. Keeping classic taste at the core of her design, what began as handmade pottery and jewelry has become so much more. Susan will tell you, once she is able to get clay into her hands a conversation begins as the clay responds to her movements. This ability to mold a conversation into a creation has also helped grow her collection to include curated collaborations with other creators. She thrives on her desire to create — to create her art, to create a collaborative environment, and to create a community for others to engage and share. 


About the Brand

Classic at its core, but purposefully ever-evolving.

Susan strives to bring beauty and life to everyday tasks through timeless handcrafted creations that are modern, feminine and refined in detail. She brings this collection to life by creating her art, creating a collaborative environment, and creating a community for others to engage and share.

As Susan, her brand, and her collection grow together, it is time for her to settle into a space of her own. Organically growing out of MAKEbhm has allowed her the time and space to see where her story is going and that is now to her own storefront and studio space in Homewood, AL.


Our Team

Susan Gordon employs a team of skilled artisans who are dedicated to and passionate about their craft. Many of our artisans have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and are artists in their own right; they’re meticulous, resourceful, and problem-solvers.

Each step of our five-step production process is managed by a team-lead who guides the flow of work. More than five pairs of eyes and hands thoroughly examine the craftsmanship of each piece as it goes through the process of making, smoothing, glazing, golding, sanding and then finally, packing.


Shop our Pottery

The mission at Susan Gordon is to create and curate products that are modern, feminine, and refined. Our handmade pottery and jewelry is made in-house from a smooth white stoneware clay mined and formulated in the United States.